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A place for gay people who are into their bikes.

This is a place for gay people who like fit stuff on two wheels, as well as their bikes! It's not intended to segregate or even suggest that gay and straight people can't socialise but sadly we have to recognise that a gay themed post may not go down too well in a regular biker's community.

It's not a place just for one type of person or bike i.e. bears on their cruisers as the stereotype would go, anyone riding anything is welcome. It is not intended to be a fetish community nor a place to post porn (although there's nothing wrong with the occasional bit of eye candy). It is simply a place to meet other, like minded people to share ideas and talk about their experiences on two wheels whilst being able to be be themselves and not hold back. Why don't you start by telling us what you ride and maybe include a picture.

Hopefully we can make something of this, get some ride-outs organised and stuff.

This livejournal community is not officially affiliated with the gbmcc (Gay Bikers Motorcycle Club UK). But if you like the idea of heading out on your bike with a group who you can relax around and truly relate to, please visit their site and join up!

Click here for a list of gay motorcycle clubs around the world.