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Gay Bikers
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22nd-May-2009 08:01 pm - cage fighter
Dear car driver,

I am the biker who you tried to kill on a roundabout today, however I am sensitive to your problem and I feel I must make some concessions.

I realise that my bike being big and loud, bright orange with speckled paint work glistening in the sun and the fact that I had my lights on may have made me difficult to spot, blending into the grass in the centre of the island. Although your blatant disregard for the lane markings was expected perhaps I should have taken the responsibility to pull over and allow you to safely traverse the roundabout all by yourself.

I fear however that this is not an ideal solution as the cognitive difficulties you face seem to be shared by many others and I regret that it would not be practical to concede to everyone on the road. Indeed I genuinely face this issue on a daily basis, it is quite frustrating which is why my reaction is loud and aggressive.

Thankfully this actually works to bring me into your limited perceptual range, although your confused expression leads me to doubt whether you even understood what was happening and question whether you should really be in charge of a vehicle at all.

Perhaps on our next encounter I should endeavour to increase the clarity of my intimation, perhaps next time my bar ends will end up through the side of your head.



in other news, i just bought a new bike jacket. i got it at a huge discount and i still can't afford it, but it's the sex!

3rd-Apr-2009 10:22 pm - naked wheels

this community didn't take off like i'd hoped, in fact i was close to deleting it. i guess there is no real need for such a community. my thoughts were not to segregate from any other biker but just to create a place where gay bikers could congregate and be able to chat freely about the fun times they've had with their partner without getting hassle from others...

but hey, i'm opening the floor to hot bike related pictures. not porn mind you, there's plenty of that on the internet already. just nice pictures like the pic above.

also, there's a sexy new boy in my life!
19th-May-2008 10:14 am - a gay day out with the gbmcc
<- click the 'art' for a small slideshow. had a fuckin wicked day! i wanted to take out my helmet mounted archos cam but due to it being a bit upset right now all i have is a few random snaps from my phone and what's up in my head.

the east mids lot of the gbmcc came by our place this morning and we joined the pack. ha, our little lane didn't know what hit it. we then headed over to stratford, it took an hour but with kev at the lead and myself second the throttle wasn't exactly underused, it was a mission! once in stratford we stood up the bikes and headed to a spiffy place by the river and got some drinks and food. then it came apparent that we weren't the only group of the gbmcc gathering there. there was a slow but sure trickle of gbmcc guys from all over the until it seemed we were gonna take over the whole place. around fifty of us;- raving homo bikers clad in leather dominate this high-end river side bar/restaurant, much lolz! we didn't head into the town itself so didn't get to get a snap at shakespeare's house but i can't imagine that it's changed much in the last year since i was last there.

from there we headed up to the cotswolds; a picturesque image of the english countryside. we stopped off in a 'posh' village (no shit there were aston martins and masaratis - £100,000 a piece - everywhere) to grab a drink in a 'tea room';- normally the hangin pad of elderly middle class women, i can't think of a less appropriate place for us all to crash in our bike gear, i mean a guy at my table had his head completely tattooed! LOLZ! fucking mad but somehow it was all ok. to be honest one of the softest guys i've ever met. i'm not so sure that's how lady muck would have seen him tho...

from there we just continued to tear up the countryside, got separated, found each other miles later, randomly chatted about the concept of horse based porn in a 'none sexual' confused sorta way and having spent seven hours out and about on the bikes we finally headed home. again, fucking ace day. can't wait for the next time and hopefully then i'll have some wicked hi res video to share.

(x-posted no1ninja)
14th-May-2008 09:30 pm - sexual disorientation
apparently gays make worse drivers than straight men. i doubt the validity of this report, i've seen some fucking terrible (male) drivers about and they can't all be gays. i can vouch for a couple of gays i know being crap drivers but i also know several very good gay drivers and bikers.

3rd-Feb-2008 05:49 pm - good times
following a great day of sunny weather and realising that it was going to be even better the next day we planned a ride out on the bikes and dropped a text to kev, our regional coordinator of the gbmcc (gay-bikers uk) asking if he'd like to join us. the result was an impromptu group ride around the leicestershire countryside. i think we must have covered a hundred miles on some of the best roads around the area. it was good to spend some time with our new buddies and discover that they aren't shy with the throttle either ;) the weather really was great which made for some amazing views along the way. i only wish i had a good camera which i could attach to my bike as there were some great endorphin releasing moments that i would have loved to share. unfortunately all i have to show for it are some random snaps from my phone when we we'd stopped off.

we've got quite a bit planned with the g-bikers this year. i'm looking forward to it.
12th-Jan-2008 07:10 pm - triumph's latest hot model...

just looking through the triumph clothing brochure and this jacket caught my eye ;)
5th-Dec-2007 10:50 pm - bike show 2007

the sheer number of people there made it very difficult to get any good photos. if you got far enough away from a bike to take a pic there'd be a sudden swarm of people to fill the gap you left, happily standing in front of you and your camera... but i did manage to snap a few.

the the bmw trailie in the last pic is the very one that charley boorman road in long way down. having sat on one i find myself wanting one! i'd still need a pure sports bike too of course. that black and white honda cbr is looking the shit don't ya think? ;)
3rd-Dec-2007 07:52 pm - big gay bikers big gay outing
this weekend an_urban_pirate and i met up with the east midlands group of the gbmcc for a meal and drinks. having only joined a few weeks ago and with heading into winter there's not much going on right now so this was a good time to introduce ourselves to them.

to be honest, steve and i, neither of us really relate with anything stereotypically gay, despite being out and having no hang ups with ourselves. usually we prefer to just head down to the local pub where we know we can relax and get a good pint of beer. this does however mean that we don't really have any gay friends in our daily social circle at all, and certainly none that we could relate to in terms of shared interests. a minority in a minority you could say. this sucks.

meeting up with the 'gay bikers' was a real welcome breath of fresh air. we had a good time, had a nice meal and really enjoyed the company. i mean talking to a bunch of guys about bikes, engines, ride outs and the adventures you get up to with your boyfriend in the same sentence without it being one hell of a conversation stopper;... it's something that can be taken for granted by some people, but for me it's pretty special stuff. gay bikers ha, i'm loving it!

we did all head to a gay bar afterwards for drinks which turned out to be a little too much for us to the point where i could hardly hide how stressed i was. wasn't really our scene at all but i'm not sure anyone was really enjoying it there. i just hope i didn't come off as being arrogant as like i say, i'm totally stoked to have met these guys and i'm looking forward to heading out for a ride with them very soon!
21st-Nov-2007 10:52 pm - edit
i felt that the profile page for gay_bikers was a bit too personal, so i changed it. hope it agrees with you.

now let's get some members! c'mon don't be shy. ;)
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